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  • Plantar Fasciitis

    Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the thick tissue on the bottom of the foot.  Poor arches of the foot, long distance running, sudden weight gain, and tight calf/Achilles tendon are just a few explanations as to why this tissue can become inflamed.


    The most common complaint is pain and stiffness on the bottom of the heel.  This pain can either be deep and achy, or a burning sensation.  Plantar fasciitis is generally worse in the morning when you take your first steps, after sitting or standing for long periods, climbing stairs, or after intense physical activity.


    Treatment for this condition consists of active release technique, foot/ankle adjustments, and physical therapy.  Often times a night splint will be recommended to speed the recovery.

  • Running Injuries

    Our therapists at Tactus Massge & Wellness are highly sought after by professional Olympians, local elite, and recreational athletes alike, for treatment and prevention of injuries, as well as to improve performance. As an example, many running injuries are caused by overuse of certain muscle groups and sometimes weakness or imbalance in opposing muscle groups. There is a thorough examination to assess what is going on in these injury chains and where there is weakness, tightness, or faulty biomechanics. We use a combination of treatments to release the tightness and scar tissue in these tissues. We also do physical therapy and rehabilitative exercises to strengthen and create balance where there are muscle firing or weakness issues.

  • Shoulder Pain

    As a result of our therapists being involved in high level athletics, some have had the unfortunate experience of suffering a shoulder injury.  These personal experiences are why our team specializes in treating shoulder conditions.  Shoulder pain can affect the simplest daily activities or take someone out of a sport or activity that they enjoy.  Our purpose is to get you back doing what you love, pain free and stronger.

    Treatment will consist of active release technique to affected/injured muscle, sport/activity specific physical therapy, and shoulder mobilization.

  •  PainPain

    Neck Pain

    Neck and upper shoulder tension are extremely common in people who have stressful jobs, work long hours, and spend excessive time driving or working on a computer.  Car accidents and sports injuries are often other sources of injury to the neck and upper back.  As a result of trauma or body positioning throughout the day, someone with neck pain will often present with poor posture, which will slow or limit the healing process.  The treatments we utilize to correct neck and upper back conditions are chiropractic adjustments, active release technique, physical therapy and postural corrective exercise.

  • Low Back Pain

    Lower back pain is an epidemic in our country.  80% of or population suffers with this condition.  The causes of lower back pain are countless.  Regardless of how the pain originated, our belief is that many people are suffering unnecessarily.  We will evaluate your condition and tailor a specific plan of action to correct your problem.

    Typical treatment for a lower back condition consists of specific chiropractic adjustments, active release technique, mechanical traction/decompression, and physical therapy to stabilize the spine and improve posture.

  • Hip Pain

    Pain in the hip can be from the hip itself, or referred pain emanating from the low back.  A thorough evaluation of both regions is imperative to determine what type of treatment is warranted.  Our pelvis (hips) is the foundation of our spine.  When there is a problem or pain in our hips, it can lead to problems elsewhere in our body as a result of altered gait and compensation.  It is essential to receive the correct care for a hip condition before it worsens or creates problems elsewhere in the body.

    Treatments consist of specific chiropractic adjustment of the hip and lower back, active release technique, mechanical traction/decompression, and physical therapy.

  • Headaches/ Migraines

    Tension in the neck is a very common cause of the most common type of headaches known as “cervicogenic” headaches, which originate due to tension and stress in the neck.  Some 80% of headaches originate from the structures of the neck; it can be muscular in nature, from a joint in the neck, or a whiplash type injury.  This type of headache is very responsive to physical medicine and is something we are very effective at treating.  Treatments of both migraine and cervicogenic headaches consists of specific chiropractic adjustments, active release technique, decompression, physical therapy, and postural corrective exercise.

  • Carpel Tunnel

    Carpel tunnel is a condition that is diagnosed when someone has hand or wrist pain.  Often this condition is  a result of activities that are performed throughout the day, and not necessarily the symptoms the patient presents with.  Most patients with carpel tunnel use there wrist/hand in a repetitive movement such as typing.  Unfortunately, this condition is often misdiagnosed and the pain that is experienced is coming from a different area in the body such as the neck and/or shoulder region.  A detailed examination is required to determine the source of the problem.


    Treatment consists of active release technique to affected musculature, specific chiropractic adjustment to the wrist, and/or neck and physical therapy.  Postural correction and ergonomic recommendations will be given.  A wrist splint may also be recommended.

  • Poor Posture

    Poor posture affects the majority of us.  Typically it is the result of us preforming the same task day in and day out.  Unfortunately, it is the hidden source for a lot of pain and discomfort that we see on a daily basis.  Low back pain, headaches, neck/shoulder pain are just a few symptoms that poor posture can contribute to, or be the cause of.  Often times if someone makes efforts at improving their posture, their symptoms will decrease, or resolve completely.  Every therapist at Fix Body Group addresses postural issues, while providing therapy and education for specific to each patient.


    Treatment consists of specific chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, active release technique, traction/decompression, and personal training.